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Newly established in 2017, Torque Physiotherapy is a game changer in the field of health, wellbeing and fitness. What makes us different is the exceptional and comprehensive services offered, integrating physiotherapy, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and personal training.

Torque Physiotherapy is more than just physio. It is also about improving the way you move, so that you can reach for BEST performance. Be it post-operative rehabilitation, getting through a day at work pain free, smashing out a personal best on the gym floor, or getting back onto the sports field - you deserve to get the best out of your body.

Our philosophy is underpinned by providing you with outstanding comprehensive care, that is directed towards YOUR goals. To this end, we offer private consult rooms, longer appointment times, evening and weekend appointments, hands-on manual therapy, movement and form analysis, gym-based strength and conditioning and fitness programming to get YOU to where you WANT to be.


About Tash

Tash is a highly motivated physiotherapist, who lives and breathes her profession. She is absolutely committed to using her knowledge and experience to help a diverse range of patients recover from injury, whilst coaching and guiding them towards life, health and sports/fitness goals. Having travelled extensively, she has worked across general private practice, elite level sport and orthopaedic and post-operative physio settings. As such, Tash has a broad knowledge base which she draws upon so that she can provide her patients with evidence-based, and clinically effective treatment.

Tash comes from a background of Civil Engineering (BEng (Hons)), however found her true calling for physiotherapy in 2009. From there she pursued and completed her qualifications in Personal Training (Cert III & IV Fitness), Human Movement Science (GCHMSc), Physiotherapy (BPhty) and Strength and Conditioning (ASCA). Since then, she has completed postgraduate courses in Dry Needling (GEMt), Pilates (APPI), Muscle Energy Technique (MET), sports-specific shoulder assessment and rehabilitation, cervicogenic headaches, and sports-related back pain. She is currently completing her Masters of Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) through Edith Cowan University.

Driven to add another dimension to traditional Physiotherapy treatment, Tash founded Torque Physiotherapy, Canberra, to help her patients understand and apply, the fundamental role of exercise and movement in pain and injury reduction. With a background in high level competitive distance running and triathlon, as well as Bodybuilding and CrossFit, Tash understands the passion, commitment, and drive that both professional and amateur athletes have for a rapid return to fitness and performance following injury.

Underpinning Tash’s treatment approach, is her firm stance on effective communication with her patients. This is based on her belief that understanding and knowledge equals empowerment, which essentially drives achievable goals and sustainable results.


Services at a Glance


Dry needling

Trigger point dry needling is an evidence-based treatment technique using very fine gauge needles (similar to acupuncture needles) to help decrease local muscle tension and pain. It is a useful adjunct to manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation to effectively treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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Canberra Running Physio

As an experienced runner with a background in competitive distance running, Tash is passionate about helping you get back out there to perform at your best.

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Crossfit physio

CrossFit is a fantastic way to improve your strength. mobility and general conditioning. If you are an CrossFit athlete, Torque Physio has you covered! With our clinic located inside CrossFit SFS, Hume, we can tailor a rehabilitation program specific to your needs so that you can get back under the bar as fast as possible.

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